Frequently asked questions

Help for Search in the digital archive

The application allows to search information about persons and houses in the Digital archive of the city of Brno based on entered criteria.

Search is possible via two levels that allow a user to search information processed to the Digital archive.

Basic search

Allows to search based on:

  • census year
  • street name
  • house number
  • surname
  • first name

Advanced search

System of advanced search is used for archivists and researchers.

Allowed are criteria:

  • volume – indication of individual volume of name index
  • page number – number of page in the book where the searched name occurs
  • inventory number – unique data entry for each book both from name registers and census records

By clicking on button SEARCH results of search process are displayed in a transparent chart.

Search results

Search filter

Contains criteria that are possible to specify closer via button SPECIFY SEARCH in case of need.

Search results

In a transparent chart there are displayed entries that satisfy our search criteria. In each line of the chart is listed year of census, street name, house number, picture of records, surname, first name, page of name index. Between individual pages it is possible to pass via listing placed in the heading and footing of the chart in the right side. Magnifier shape icon allows to display a specific digitalized entry of archives. In case of pressing the button Picture of records, all relevant census records of a certain house where the person was permanently resident are displayed. In case of the page of name registry, the page of name registry is displayed where the name of searched person is written on.

Display of archives

In the heading of a displayed archives there is stored information regarding the actually selected person and horizontally set menu. A part of the menu of a viewer are functionalities for enlargement/reduction of archives preview, 90 percet rotation, return to a previous screen and listing through archives.

Minimum configuration

For the correct use of the application it is necessary to have the following software installed: Internet Explorer 7+ / Firefox 12+ / Chrome 16+ / Opera 12+ and Flash Player 11.